Some information about OSCAR-100...

Qatar OSCAR-100 is the first geostationary amateur radio transponder,
a joint project between the Qatar Satellite Company (Es’hailSat),
the Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS), and AMSAT Deutschland (AMSAT-DL)
which provided the technical lead.

OSCAR-100 is hosted on Es’hail-2, a Broadcast Transponder Satellite owned
by the Es’hailSat Qatar Satellite Company, the satellite is now in
geostationary orbit at 25.9° E.

More information on the OSCAR-100 project can be
found at AMSAT-DL Phase 4-A

OSCAR-100 geostationary satellite are now available online.

Satellite Forum for information


LNB Ku-band info:

LNB Dual Band

Helix Feed 13cm

Converter to QO-100 Up 100mW

Transverter for 13 cm band

How to find the first time Oscar-100

Receive downlink signals





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